2 cards today’s Duelists need to find answers for.

17.12.2011 | 11:31 |

[p]In any game that pits you against other players you have to consider what your opponent might play to stop you, and Yu-Gi-Oh! is no different. There are certain cards that your opponent uses that you need to know how to play around to stand a chance of winning a YCS, and here’s the two that this weekend’s Duelists are all talking about.[/p]


This tricky little insect is a key card today.

[div][b][u]Maxx “C”[/b][/u]
With so many ways to Summon Synchro and Xyz Monsters from your Extra Deck, today’s top Decks Special Summon more monsters than ever before. As a result Duelists have resorted to the little insect from [stor] to help them keep up with what their opponent is doing. Once your opponent discards [maxx], every time you Special Summon a monster, they get to draw a card. This leaves you with a big decision; do you go all out and try to win the Duel before they can use all those free cards, or do you hold back so that they don’t add more cards to their hand?

Looking through some of the Duels here this weekend we’re seeing different approaches to this scenario. Some Duelists are Summoning 2 monsters and leaving it at that, some shutting down completely and waiting until next turn, and there’s even a few who are making the big push to win that Duel there and then. Sometimes that play works out, and sometimes your opponent may draw the card(s) they need to turn the Duel around, and it can be a difficult decision at times.

This guy's winding up everybody this weekend!

[b][u]Wind-Up Zenmaines[/b][/u]
During the Summer Duelists were introduced to [ggg] a defensive powerhouse that can protect itself from destruction multiple times. [phsw] saw a similar monster make its debut, and it’s an even trickier card to play around, [zenmaines]! Zenmaines is a Rank 3 Xyz Monster that a lot of the top Decks can easily Summon, and if it would be destroyed, you can detach an Xyz Material instead. If that effect is used, you can target and destroy 1 card in the End Phase.

Like [maxx], you’ve got a choice to make when you come up against a Zenmaines. You can either attack through it (3 times) and let one of your cards get destroyed (if Zenmaines is still around at the end of the turn), or hold off until you’ve got a card that can handle it. Cards like [brio] and [ced] can send it back to the Extra Deck without triggering its effect, and [caius] can banish it in a similarly easy fashion. Another tactic is to concentrate on your opponent’s other cards for the time being, since they’ll expect you use several cards to take down the Zenmaines, leaving you with nothing to stop their other monsters. Zenmaines is often played in Defense Position as well so it won’t be chipping away at your Life Points while you wait for the card(s) you need to safely take it down.
These aren’t the only cards that this weekend’s Duelists need to watch out for on the opposing tables. [dolkka] and [laggia] are tough to beat, [mst] and [storm] will make you think twice about Setting Spells and Traps, and [gorz] will always make even an empty field a thing to play around. What we do know is that this weekend’s Champion will have bested all of these cards and more, and it’ll be interesting to see how that happens.[/div]