2018 WCQ: Oceanic Championship – Results Roundup

On June 11 Australia and New Zealand’s best Duelists battled it out at the 2018 WCQ: Oceanic Championship! Duelists competed for the title of Oceanic Champion and invites to this year’s Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG World Championship. Here is a brief overview of who won, what decks they played and more!


34 - smNThB2

Winner: Poe Jiang

Deck: Trickstar Sky Striker


29 - uHeZnN5

2nd Place: Bohdan Temnyk

Deck: Trickstar Sky Striker


Metagame Breakdown (196 Players):

  • 72 Trickstar Sky Striker
  • 22 Sky Striker
  • 20 SPYRAL
  • 17 Altergeist
  • 65 Other Decks


Top 4 Breakdown:

  • 3 Trickstar Sky Striker
  • 1 Trickstar Mekk-Striker


22 - A9jG74q


Dragon Duel Winner: James E.

Deck: Trickstar


Dragon Duel 2nd Place: Odin H.

Deck: True Draco


Dragon Duel Top 4: Timothy N., Elliott H.

Decks: Trickstar Sky Striker, Sky Striker


10 - nDOMfFb


Photos from the 2018 WCQ: Oceanic Championship can be found on our Facebook page.


Also on Facebook we have photos of the 2018 WCQ: Australian National Championship which took place the days before.


Congratulations to all of our winners, and a huge thank you to everybody for participating in this year’s local, Regional and National tournaments in Oceania!

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