2019 WCQ: Dutch National – We have lots of Prizes for Main and Public Events!

04.05.2019 | 13:00 |

We have 311 players in the Main Event and 4 players in the Dragon Duel to compete for amazing prizes! The Nationals season is always a highlight in the year as it is supported by great Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game support! Find what people can win at these two days of card gaming.

Preise Mainevent


We are not only having a Main Event, KONAMI also takes care of our Junior Players. The Dragon Duel Event is limited on people born in 2006 and later, so the kids can enjoy playing among themselves! The reward to participating in the Dragon Duel is an amazing trophy and also lots of Booster Packs, Sleeves and Game Mats for the best players.

Prizes Dragon Duel

Of course most of the players are here to play the main event. They do not only receive a Mouse Pad and Booster packs for participation, but there’s also nice trophies for taking nice selfies and recall the event. Besides trophies, the Top 64 players will receive a qualification to the WCQ, World Championship points and take home a WCQ Game Mat and WCQ sleeves. The players entering the topcut receive an additional pack of sleeves and lots of Booster Packs. Well, except for the Finalists. The winner goes straight to the WCQ: European Championship with paid travel and accomodation while the runner-up receives a Nintendo Switch.

Preise Mainevent

Believe it or not – we are still offering more! For all those that did not attend, they can play on Saturday a Win-A-Mat to win a Game Mat featuring Mai Valentine’s Harpies or they choose to play Win-A-Box. The prize at this tournament is … you can guess, a booster box! This only topped tomorrow at the Attack of the Mega Regional, which does not only provide further WCQ qualifications and therefore World Championship points, but also for the first time ever at Dutch Nationals a Giant Card: Firewall Exceed Dragon.

Prizes Public Events