Public Events Playoff Winners

31.10.2017 | 12:28 |
At Premier Events there are various chances of winning a Super-Rare copy of the current prize card – in this case Number 89: Diablosis the Mind Hacker . Let’s see who the winners are from YCS Rimini! Public Events Random Playoff: Joe White
Name: Joe White Country: UK Deck: Trickstar – I think it is a very good Deck to beat SPYRAL but if you are going into a 11 Round YCS I’m not sure if it the best Deck to pick as you are not guaranteed to face SPYRAL right away. But I feel like the time for the Deck is yet to come. Final Words? I was lucky to be able to take part in the Public Events Playoff. I already was at the Comic Con when I got a call from a friend that my name was called out for the Random Playoffs. I sprinted from halfway across the hall to inside the venue but the shower were already closed. I got a call again and I ran out of the MCM through the car park then back to the side entrance where I was gasping for air. When I arrived at the Public Events Station I had to realize that I returned a lot of the cards that I borrowed for my Deck. I had to borrow a Deck from who played the same list Finally I was ready to enter the event got to play game 1. Last but not least I want to give shoutouts to TierZero Games, Joel Harris and Zekias Shah. I still can’t believe I won the Prize Card!
Public Events Points Playoff: Victor Kieu
Name: Victor Kieu Country: Bulgaria Deck: Invoked – I like the idea of a Deck where the core engine is basically one card. It has a strong late game. The finals were really tough. The pressure was getting on me. We went into time and I had to push the get enough damage through to win. At the same time I had to set up my defences for his oncoming turn. Final Words? Many thanks to the whole Konami staff and the creators of the game. I’ve been playing the game for 15 years by now and I still like it a lot. I’m proud to see the Bulgarian community grow.
Congratulations to our winners – don’t forget that whenever you attend a Premier Event you also have the chance to take home a copy of the current YCS prize card just by competing in Public Events throughout the weekend!