5 cards that will see heavy use in Bochum

Yu-Gi-Oh! Championship Series Bochum is drawing ever closer and Duelists from all over Europe (and beyond!) are making last-minute changes to their Decks, so that everything will be perfect for the big event on Saturday. We’ll see many different Decks and strategies on display in Bochum but one thing’s for certain, these 5 cards will be seen on almost every table.

Solemn Warning is a Trap Card from Duelist Revolution that allows you to negate any type of Summon by paying 2000 Life Points. While the cost is high, many Duelists have agreed that the rewards are even higher, as stopping even 1 of your opponent’s Summons will often give you enough of an advantage to win the Duel later on. Many Decks will be trying out 1 or 2 copies, but some Decks will be using a full playset in Bochum, especially Anti-Meta Decks like LIGHT Gemini and Stun. Solemn Warning also a great card in Gladiator Beast Decks, as many of the low ATK monsters in the Deck can now be protected before safely getting in a direct attack next turn and ‘tagging out’ for a stronger monster (like a 2100 ATK Gladiator Beast Laquari).

One of the big hits of YCS Toronto was Trap Stun, a Trap Card that negates every other Trap Card played that turn. With Heavy Storm now Forbidden, Duelists are Setting more cards to their back row, which means you’ve got more Traps to get past if you want your key combos to work. With Trap Stun you can negate them all and leave your opponent defenceless. You can also ‘switch off’ Continuous Spells and Traps like Royal Oppression and Skill Drain for a turn, allowing you to Special Summon or use monster effects for the turn, and then lock your opponent out again once you’re done. One tactic that many experienced Duelists are using is to activate Trap Stun during their Standby Phase when they’re about to go for a big play (like Synchro Summoning Black Rose Dragon to destroy everything, for example). By doing this you get around Counter Traps like Solemn Warning before your opponent even has a chance to activate them, as you can’t Chain Trap Stun to these when they’re activated.

Effect Veiler may not be seen in every Main Deck, but it’s one of the most popular new Side Deck cards you’ll come across in Bochum. During your opponent’s Main Phase, you can discard Effect Veiler to negate the effects of one of your opponent’s face-up monsters. Since it’s an effect straight from the hand like D.D. Crow and Honest, it’s almost impossible to stop, and can shut down big combos before they even start. Against Quickdraw you can negate Debris Dragon’s effect, stopping your opponent from Summoning Black Rose Dragon and clearing the field. Against Infernity you can shut down Mist Wurm, preventing your opponent from winning the Duel in a single turn. It also works amazingly well against Naturia Bamboo Shoot, which ‘forgets’ it was Summoned by Tributing a Naturia monster once Effect Veiler wears off at the end of the turn. That leaves your Spells and Traps open for use again, which can help tear the Naturia Duelist’s strategy to pieces.

Monster Reborn’s a classic card that’s as old as the game itself, letting you Special Summon any monster from either player’s Graveyard for free. This card was Forbidden for a long time (as was Dark Hole, which is also a Limited card again) but now that it’s back the Graveyard is as important as ever. It can be used in many ways, from setting up a Tribute Summon or Synchro Summon to getting back your most powerful monster to take down your opponent. The most interesting aspect of the card is that you can Special Summon your opponent’s monsters as well, and there are certain cards that you’ll always be after. If you’re playing in an Infernity mirror-match, you can Summon your opponent’s Infernity Archfiend and use its effect to kick off your big combo. You can take your opponent’s Archlord Kristya to prevent your opponent from Special Summoning. If you’re playing against Gladiator Beasts you can take your opponent’s Gladiator Beast Gyzarus and destroy 2 of their cards! Also, if you target one of your opponent’s monsters, they can’t remove it from play with D.D. Crow, which means your Summon won’t be stopped.

The last card we’re going to look at today is Scrap Dragon, a new Level 8 Synchro Monster from Duelist Revolution that’s been added to many a Duelist’s Extra Deck. It can be Summoned with any Tuner and non-Tuners, just like Stardust Dragon and Colossal Fighter, but it’s the card’s first effect that’s got Duelists talking. Once per turn you can select 2 cards; 1 belonging to you, and 1 to your opponent, and then you destroy them. No other Synchro outside of Brionac, Dragon of the Ice Barrier allows you to safely get rid of any of your opponent’s cards, and even Brionac isn’t a permanent solution. Scrap Dragon works best when you’ve got something you’re not worried about destroying, like Fluff Tokens or a Spell or Trap Card you’re going to Chain to its effect (so that Scrap Dragon’s effect is essentially ‘free’), and is one of the key monsters in new versions of Quickdraw Plants. With many Duelists Summoning Stardust Dragon through Starlight Road instead of the usual method, Scrap Dragon’s an excellent ‘second Level 8’ to have in your Extra Deck to go along with your Colossal Fighter.

There are several other cards we’ll be seeing a lot of in Bochum, from Pot of Duality and Dark Hole to long-time favourites like Mirror Force, Bottomless Trap Hole and Book of Moon. The 5 cards mentioned here though can also be added to that list, and if you weren’t aware of their usefulness before, you may want to add them to your Deck now.

This concludes the pre-event Strategy Series for Yu-Gi-Oh! Championship Series Bochum, so if you’re attending the event on Saturday, best of luck in the competition!

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