Duelist Diary Part 2: Update after Round 3

29.10.2016 | 17:12 |
Right after Round 3 we met Corey for an update on his tournament experience. Read on to find out how the first three Rounds turned out for him. He also showed us the best opening he can have. According to him very few Decks can break this field. Field


Hi Corey, thanks for coming here. How did you do today?
Oh, I was very unlucky in the first three rounds. I did draw into my combo and was able to pull it off, but my opponents drew all the outs they needed. That was very disappointing.
What’s your record now?
I’m holding an x:3 record. Even won a few games but couldn’t win a match. But I will stay positive and enjoy my day here.
Tell us about your Match-Ups?
Round 1 I played Blue Eyes. I started both games, but I never encountered the Deck before. So I didn’t really know what to side and how to play against it. In Round 2 I faced Majespecter. Game 1 I won due to my unbreakable combo. In Game 2 he drew all the outs and Game 3 turned into a real grind game which is usually not in my favour. But it looked quite good for me until he Summoned [utopia lightning] which I couldn’T beat anymore. Round 3 was Graydles!. Yes you heard me right: Graydles! It turned out to be a terrible Match-Up for me. He kept on crashing his monsters into mine and taking my monsters. That was too much for me to handle. I lost both games.
What are you going to do now?
I will keep my cool and keep the faith. I want to finish with a positive record and have fun playing. I’m very thankful for all the experience I was able to gain today. I learn with every game and get to now other Decks a lot better. I might even go for some crazy moves as there is not so much on the line anymore. We’ll see. I’ll keep my head up and enjoy myself.
Corey will also provide his Decklist after the event. It will be releades in the third an final part of our Duelist Diary. We will meet Corey at least once more after Round 6. Will he be able to turn his record around or will he drop out? Tune in after Round 6 to find out.