Duelist Profile: Bodhan Temnyk

18.03.2017 | 17:45 |

Bodhan Temnyk is a famous Australian player. He won YCS Toronto in 2016 and was the runner-up in 2017 of YCS Sidney. He’s among the most respected Duelists out there right now and he decided to give Europe a visit.


Bodhan Temnyk


Hi Bohdan, what made you come to YCS Prague?
Me and some friends of mine decided to travel to the States and attend YCS Atlanta. After that we took our chances and flew to Euroape to see some place like Amsterdam for example. After that we went to Prague in order to compete in this YCS. It’s my first time ever in Europe and I’m having a great time so far. Amsterdam was really nice but it was very expensive Prague is very different: Here everything is a lot more affordable.

Did you notice any differences between a YCS in Australia, the US and Europe?
Australian YCS don’t feel the same, probably because I live there. US and European events are pretty close. European events feel a lot more straightforward. They seem a little more cleaner in terms of organization. Player-wise I feel like most communities are the same. In Europe, as a whole the community might be more competitive as there are more countries. It may have to do with the national pride among the players.

What Deck are you playing today?
I’m running a Zoodiac Lunarlight Deck. The main engine is pretty standard, but I’m maindecking 3 copies of Xyz Universe. My Deck is geared mainly towards the mirror match. Unfortunately I haven’t faced a Zoodiac Deck so far. I had to play Metalfoes and a Monarch Deck. I won both matches and lost the last Round to Billy Brake.

What were your expectations for this event?
I’m hoping to make the top cut. Winning would be very good, but it has to be your lucky day. In the Feature Match my Deck didn’t do what it was supposed to do. It seemed like I drew the wrong half of may Deck.

Any final words?
Shoutouts to my team and the Australian Yu-Gi-Oh! players. A lot of them are hyped for the Oceanic Championships. I will see you there!