Duelist Profile: Eugen Heidt

01.03.2015 | 12:53 |

Eugen Heidt from Germany is no stranger to top spots at a YCS (he’s also the current European Champion). He came here with a Nekroz Deck and is X:2 right now, so he needs to win the last Round to earn himself a spot in Top 32. We asked him for a Duelist Profile.


Eugen Heidt


What Deck are you playing today?
I chose to bring a Nekroz Deck to this event. It’s the strongest Deck by far. It’s super consistent and can win in a single turn.


Tell us about your approach to the Nekroz mirror match?
In the mirror match it’s very important to have a blank field at the end of your turn. The opponent can’t resolve a Nekroz of Trishula play. Furthermore you have to play around Nekroz of Valkyrus since it works like Swift Scarecrow. You can use Nekroz of Gungnir to pull off some skillful plays. One of the strongest plays in the mirror is to lock the opponent out of any special Summons using Djinn Releaser of Rituals. The lock is really hard to break since the Deck has very few outs to it. All in all I think that Nekroz is difficult to play and rewards the better player.


Tell us about your Tech cards?
Shared Ride became very important in the current tournament environment. It slows Nekroz down a lot. If your opponent can’t win the turn he won’t keep on searching.


How did you prepare for YCS Prague?
I playtested a lot with my friends. Heading into a YCS with good preparation is the key to success. You can’t just come here and hope to get lucky. So far I’m satisfied with my performance. The event runs smooth, Prague is a great city.


What were your goals heading into this event?
I came here to win. I’ve topped some YCS tournaments before and this time I want to win. Though, I’m also satisfied with a Top 8 finish today.


Any final words?
I want to say Hi to all my friends I playtested with. You are a big support for me and my success.