Duelist Profile: Father & Son Liddle

29.10.2016 | 16:35 |
Justin Liddle travelled to Liverpool with his son Jason. Both are playing in the Main Event and have a decent record so far. Jason did get a Feature Match in Round 4 which you can rewatch on YouTube if you want to. Justin is escorting his son for exactly 10 years now. Jason started off as a Dragon Duelist and did very well at them. Now he’s too old and had to register for the Main Event. Both are very happy to be here and had a great time so far. Here’s what the big and little Liddle have to say about their latest YCS experience as father and son.




Hi Justin & Jason, what made you come to YCS Liverpool?
This is our 10 year anniversary and we decided to play at least one YCS this year. As soon as we saw that YCS Liverpool was announced we decided to go here. It’s a great event and a nice venue to get to. It’s nice to see all the guys again. We really enjoy being a part of this community that we spent such a long time in.


What Deck are you playing today?
Jason is running ABC and is holding a 3:1 record. I’m running Blue Eyes my record is 2:2. My first Deck was a Blue Eyes Deck so I was out of the question which Deck I would run today. I wanted to play Blue-Eyes White Dragon as it is competitive right now. Jason: I played Monarchs until they got hit by the Forbidden & Limited List. I have a long history playing machine Decks like Gadgets and Karakuri. The Deck itself is another machine Deck that is great fun to play.


How do feel as a father seeing your son do good?
It started off 10 years ago with my son asking me to teach him the game. I did and now he’s the more consistent player than I am. I’m very proud of what he achieved and how he developed as a players as well as a person. Still I have to add that I’m the one with a YCS top at YCS Sheffield *smiles at his son*. We both learn a lot from each other.


How is it going to a YCS with your dad?
It’s very helpful because I wouldn’t have a chance to get here otherwise. I was six years old when I was at my first WCQ in Frankfurt in 2006. If it wasn’t for my dad I would probably only play at locals.


What were your expectations for this event?
Justin: I want to have fun and get into the top 100. Jason: my goal is to have positive record like more wins than losses. Getting into the Top 32 would be nice, but I’m being realistic here.


Did you prepare together for this event?
We playtested all kinds of Match-Ups and tried our best to come prepared.


Any final words?
We had great ten years playing Yu-Gi-Oh! and will keep on playing. Thanks to all the players here and thanks to Konami and the Coverage team for giving us a great time.