Duelist Profile: Hungarian Players

28.02.2015 | 15:41 |

The Hungarian Duelists wanted to put their country on the Yu-Gi-Oh! map. We asked them for a short interview.


Hungarian Players
Where are you from?
Most of us are from Budapest (the capital city of Hungary). Budapest has the largest player base in the country. We have two local shops supporting us. We have two locals every week attracting a lot of new players every week. It’s just great to see the community grow!


Tell us something about the Hungarian community?
Our community started off rather small, but it’s growing every day. There are around 10 players from Hungary here at YCS Prague. In total we have up to 100 players at our biggest tournaments. Our Facebook group grew to around 450 members lately. So you see there are a lot of players in the whole of Hungary.


How’s you Organized Play?
As I said before, we have two local stores in Budapest. They were so kind to coordinate their tournaments so that players can participate on both. At around 3 p.m. the whole crowd is changing from one store to the other to play in the second tournament. The players as well as the shops benefit from this arrangement.


Any final words?

We want to greet all our friends who stayed at home! We are having a good time here at YCS Prague. Thanks for the interview, we appreciate a lot.

During Round 3 I spotted 2 Hungarian Players seated on the Top 10 tables. They seem to be very well prepared for this event and ready to take on the fight. Good luck!