Duelist Profile: Kiwy Huang

27.02.2016 | 13:55 |

Kiwy Huang is usually judging at YCS events and was the Head Judge at last year’s YCS Prague. This time he chose to enter as a player, just as he did in Sydney last month. We were curious to hear why he decided to play in Prague.


Kiwy Huang


Hi Kiwy, what made you come to YCS Prague?
I didn’t miss a single YCS since 2014 and Prague is always very special to me. It is such a beautiful city and a great cultural experience. I’m already looking forward to hanging out with my friends and explore the city in the evening. When I’m judging I need to stay focused and can’t hang out in the evening. So I decided to enter as a player. If the doesn’t go as expected I can drop out anytime and leave to see the city.


What Deck are you playing today?
I decided to run Mermails today, because it’s the Deck with the most amount of Ultimate Rares in it! I’m just joking: It is an unexpected choice and most people do not have a Side Deck against it. The newest card Neptabyss, the Atlantean Prince is such a strong addition to the Deck. It allows for such explosive plays. So far the Deck works fine.


What were your expectations for this event?
It’s a great venue and supposed to be a very fun event. Security measures are pretty good. Result-wise I don’t have a lot of expectations. I’m mainly here for the fun.


Tell us something about your experiences at YCS Sydney earlier this year?
It was the best YCS I’ve ever been to. The venue was great and clean. Turnover was quick and the players were listening to what we were saying. Still competition was high and I enjoyed myself. Getting there was very awkward. It took me 35 hours to get there from the UK. And that’s a tough trip, but it was definitely worth it.


Which Deck were you running at YCS Sidney?
I was playing “PePe” there. I finished X:2 and barely missed the Top cut due to bad tie breakers. I played a very strong event and didn’t make a lot of mistakes.


Any final words?
I want to thank Konami for still organizing YCS tournaments due to recent events (in France). I really appreciate the effort.