Duelist Profile: Kuwaiti Players

01.03.2015 | 11:06 |

The Kuwaiti Duelists seem to have gotten quite fond of the YCS scene. After Berlin and Madrid they traveled to YCS Prague as well. We asked or them for a short interview to see how they were doing!


Kuwait Duelists

Kuwait Duelists


Tell us something about your community?
We are 6 players for this event. Usually there are more of us, but some couldn’t get a day off so they had to stay at home. In Kuwait the community is growing slowly but steadily. We have around 80 players in the whole country.


What are you playing today?
Three of us are still competing in the main event. Today Faisel is the best holding an X:1 record right now with his Qliphort Deck. Fahad is also playing Qliphort. He’s X:2. Ahmend brought Nekroz to Prague and his record is also X:2.


What are your goals for the tournament?
We came here for the laughs. We want to get to know new people, enjoy our hobby and have fun. The result is not that important to us. What matters for us is to connect to other players and improve our game. They help us grow as players and build a community in our home country.


The Kuwait players seem to be in a great mood and are enjoying themselves. That’s what Yu-Gi-Oh! is all about – fun with friends!