Duelist Profile: Mike Kelly

29.10.2016 | 18:45 |
For our next Duelist Profile we asked Mike Kelly from for an interview. Mike drove all the way up from Exeter, Devon to compete in his 1st YCS here in Liverpool. He’s also cosplaying Yugi Muto today. Check out what he has to say about his YCS experience.


Mike Kelly


Hi Mike, what made you come to YCS Liverpool?
I love Yu-Gi-Oh! and I’m crazy about the anime. The YCS in Liverpool was a big chance for me to qualify for Euros. It’s my first time at a YCS and I’m having an awesome experience so far. I am only one win away from getting my qualification.


What Deck are you playing today?
I run a classic Yugi Moto a.k.a the Pharao Decklist. I’m a big a fan of Yu-Gi-Oh! and the old school cards. I believe in the heart of the cards: everything is possible.


What were your expectations for this event?
My main goal was to qualify for Euros. Only a few more Duels and I’m on my way to Euros. Other than that I wanted to compete in a high scale tournament and have a great time here.


What is your favorite card?
My favorite card is Dark Magician. It’s Yugi’s signature card and it ensured me my first win today.


Any final words?
“I’m gonna high-five the sky!” I want to give shoutouts to all the Exeter Duelists! Good luck to them, I will see you tomorrow.