Duelist Profile: Robert Hooley

27.02.2016 | 15:25 |

Robert Hooley has been a vital part of the coverage team in the last years, most of you will know him from the stream. He took a different route here in Prague and registered as a player for the Main Event. You will also notice that he’s cosplaying a character from the Anime. We were curious to hear why he decided to play in Prague.




Hi Rob, what made you come to YCS Prague?
I’ve been working for the last 4 years on the coverage team at most of the European YCS. I’m also the Organized Play Manager for the UK and Ireland and therefore I’m not allowed to play in those countries but now I have a chance to play! The last time I played at a Major Event was in 2008 during the Gladiator Beast format. I’m happy that Monarchs are back and that’s one of the major reasons I decided to play here in Prague.


What Deck are you playing today?
I was running Monarchs and lost to one single card: Mask of Restrict. I expected it to be in most of the Side Boards, I but never drew into my outs even though I’m siding into a few. So I decided to drop out of the Main Event and registered for the Giant Card Event. I definitely want to win the giant Majespecter Raccoon - Bunbuku.


How do you like Prague as a location?
Prague is a fantastic city. It’s easy to get here from all over Europe and it’s very cheap, especially for a UK resident. I’ve been out yesterday. We visited all kinds of shops and even a Lego museum.


I notice you are dressed like Kaiba – how come?
Kaiba is my all-time favorite character of the Anime. Just a few minutes ago I bought all the Blue-Eyes White Dragon cards from the vendors here at the venue. A good friend of mine made the costume for me, I’m wearing it with pride.


Any final words?
Good luck to Luke and Oli doing coverage without me!