Duelist Profile: Romanian Players

28.02.2015 | 11:09 |

Browsing through the crowd we spotted five Romanian Duelists attending YCS Prague. They are friends who travelled here together: Alex, Andrei, Bogdan, Dragos and Paul. For some of them it’s the first YCS ever. They seemed pretty excited! We asked them for an interview. See what they have to tell.


Romanian Duelists


What are you playing today?
We brought all kinds of the Decks to YCS Prague. Unfortunately we couldn’t get our hands on enough boxes of The Secret Forces so none of us are playing Nekroz. Still we are very confident with our Decks. We brought Burning Abyss, Shaddolls, Yang Zing, Spellbooks and Satellarknights. All are decent strategies with good chances of winning.


What are your goals for the tournament?
Our goal is mainly to have fun here in Prague with our friends and hobby. We also would like to represent Romania and show the world that there is a loyal community in this country as well. So we took the chance and traveled to Prague!


Tell us something about the Romanian community?
Our community is pretty small. We have around 15 players in our local community in Cluj-Napoca and around 10 players in Mures. These are our biggest communities in the country. Bucharest (the Capital of Romania) used to be big, but fell behind lately. At our Nationals there were 20 players in 2014.


How’s you Organized Play?

The key for growing a community is a local shop with a regular tournament structure. We have a good shopkeeper in Cluj-Napoca who supports us a lot. It’s where we players meet, enjoy out hobby and have fun. It’s also the place to get new cards.


Any final words?

Cluj-Napoca is the youth capital of Europe with a lot of great events and music festivals. We also have a good Yu-Gi-Oh! store. So it’s definitely worth a visit! To make it a perfect year it would be great to have a big Yu-Gi-Oh! event in the city like a YCS!

The Romanian players seem to be in a great mood and are enjoying themselves. That’s what Yu-Gi-Oh! is all about – fun with friends! Thanks for sharing the information about your community and good luck for the tournament.