A closer look at the top tables

The metagame breakdown showed us that X-Sabers were the deck to beat this weekend. If you would expect to see a lot of mirror matches at the top tables in round 11, you would be surprised as we took a closer look at the deck choices of the most successful players at this point.

[b]Table 1: X-Sabers vs. Frog Monarchs[/b]

Rumor has it that X-Sabers have all the answers against Frog Monarchs. However, some players were able to overcome the bad odds and show their opponents that it’s not always just about the match-up. A well prepared side deck with cards like Gottoms’ Emergency Call can turn a game around and use the weapons of the X-Saber player against himself. Abid Arshad, the Frog Monarch player on table 1, went as far as claiming that the match-up is in his favor.

[b]Table 2: X-Sabers vs. Blackwings[/b]

Blackwings were the most popular decks at the various National Championships over Europe. They have lost some of that popularity lately with X-Sabers and Infernities claiming the top spots in recent events. Some players still think that Blackwings are the better choice and rely on the powerful effects of the feathered monsters.

[b]Table 3: X-Sabers vs. Anti[/b]

Last years European Champion Vittorio Wiktor was eager to point out earlier that anti decks never won a bigger tournament. Most of the times, they were constructed to specifically deal with the threats of one particular deck. However, to improve the match-up in such a way, they need to make some cuts in terms of cards that are useful in other match-ups, leaving them wide open to other rogue decks that participate in larger events.

[b]Table 4: Frog Monarchs vs. Anti[/b]

I was surprised to see a second anti deck doing so well, but maybe this will be their great day. Against Frog Monarchs, cards like [pachy] or [crow] are crucial to stop [treeborn] from returning over and over again, otherwise you will have to deal with a Monarch every round and be overwhelmed by the power of the high level Monsters.

[b]Table 5: Frog Monarchs vs. Blazing Cat Synchro[/b]

Piyal Peiris, a player we featured yesterday, is still doing well with his Cat Synchro deck that received some support from a Volcanics engine. This round, he needs to deal with the Frog Monarch deck of his opponent, so he’ll most likely have to rely on the faster elements of his deck to secure the win early. Giving Monarchs time to gain field control is not a good idea if you want to win these Duels.

[b]Table 6: X-Sabers vs. Disaster Dragon[/b]

Another creative deck is Mathijs Schuurman’s Disaster Dragon. He’s already foiled the plans of a few X-Saber players this weekend and intends to do so again this round. The element of surprise is one of his greatest weapons and he will continue to make use of it to stay on top.

[b]Table 7: Machina vs. Frog Monarchs[/b]

The first Machina deck at the top tables and another Frog Monarch. It seems like European players really like the slower play style and the option to control your opponent’s every move. Machina was a popular choice for a short while and Mahedi Shareef is one of the players that still claim it’s extremely competitive and can win against everything.

[b]Table 8: Infernities vs. Gladiator Beasts[/b]

The second most popular deck can only be seen on table 8. It doesn’t seem like Infernities will win this tournament with so much competition from other deck types. Gladiator Beasts are also still on the bubble and have a chance of advancing to the knock out portion of the tournament, but Infernities are certainly not the best match-up for one of the decks that used to dominate formats.

A lot of diversity can be seen at the top tables. Let’s hope that the rest of the tournament will continue in similar ways and the knock out portion will just be as interesting.


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