A look at the side events

Most main event competitors are rather laid back when it comes to entering the venue after the doors have been opened. For side event competitors, you will see a completely different picture as they usually don’t waste any time to play in as many tournaments as possible. We rose up to the challenge and put together a side event schedule that offers a lot of great options for Duelists of all ages. I talked to the Scorekeepers of the side events, Iain Shirley and Sam Ralph, asking them about how things were going.

[b]Iain Shirley:[/b]


Right after we opened registration for the side events, a large number of players lined up to get a chance to compete. We were a little overwhelmed at first, but quickly got things under control and enrolled players for various tournaments. Now, things have calmed down a bit as most players are signed up for the tournaments and already competing.[/quote]
One of our all time classics is the Dragon Duel Championship, which is open for all players under 14 years. 52 juniors showed up to prove that they have what it takes to win a championship. You should take a close look at those youngsters as you can expect a lot of them to make an impact on the larger tournaments in the future!

[b]8 Player knock out tournaments:[/b]

Other popular side event formats are the 8 man knock out tournaments. A few have already been started and more will certainly follow. Players most like the simplicity of the tournament structure as they simply need to sit down and can start playing right away. If 2 matches finish early and the winners are supposed to be meeting according to the bracket, you don’t need to waste any time and can get started right away.

[b]Win-a-Mat events:[/b]

If you’re not into boosters, you might be up for the challenge of a Win-a-Mat event. In these events, Duelists need to compete against 15 others players and the winner will walk away with either a 2009 European Championship playmat or a brand new WCQ: European Championship 2010 playmat. The choice is yours as long as the supplies last of this year’s playmat.


Doing good in a tournament has never been more rewarding - up for grabs is a stay in the Hilton!


[b]Win-a-Room tournament:[/b]

Boosters don’t do the trick for you and you have a couple of playmats already? No worries, we still got more in store for you! The coolest prize in my opinion can be won in the “Win-a-Room” tournament. The winner will receive free accommodation in the Hilton Birmingham Metropole hotel for the whole weekend and I can ensure you personally that you’ll enjoy your stay there! Thanks to a health club that features a jacuzzi, saunas and massages among some other great things, you will have plenty to do before or after the tournament and be in the best shape possible.

[b]More to come:[/b]

There’s still more to come with Casual Sealed Deck events scheduled for later today. In these events, players will have to build decks with a couple of boosters from Shining Darkness. Ripping boosters open is fun, but playing with the cards you just pulled is even more fun, so you can expect some smiling Duelists in these tournaments.


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