A look at the Top 32!

We are just underway with the top cut here at YCS Berlin and from 1204 we are down to 32 and the single elimination stage of the competition. Time to have a look at some of the Decks and matches in the form of user friendly text and images using words and pictures. Enjoy!

Some interesting Decks are still left in the competition, immediately noticeable ones include Kimonas Tsitsiridis playing Inzektors, Aris Samaras using Geargia, Björn Schulze with his Chain Burn Deck.

There are also a host of players using Infernities and variations on popular Decks for example big-name Merlin Schumacher and Michael Ciplak who we saw in an earlier feature match both playing Fire Kings.

Our feature match for the round sees American Duelist and online favourite Carl Manigat using his Hieratics to take on Joshua Schmidt who has not finished outside the top eight in the last four YCS events.

Below is a selection of pictures from the round – enjoy!

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