A look at the Top Tables – Round 3

We’re in the third round now and the top tables are overflowing with powerful Decks and cool tech cards. Here are some of the plays we managed to photograph!

It looks like this Mermail player’s Bahamut Shark is safe for this turn, thanks to Mechquipped Angineer. This Harpie Duelist won’t be able to break through this field

Overworked is definitely a strong pick against Fire Fists, and it seems to be popular on the top tables as well.

It looks like this Noble Knight player is in total control!

Combining the Karakuri Tuner and Synchro Monsters with the powerful search effects of the Geargia Monsters makes for a devastating combination.

This Beckoning Light play may just be enough to end the Duel completely!

The top tables definitely have some serious Duelists competing for the top spots. We may be able to revisit the top tables later today, where we’ll take another look at more of the top Duelists and the cards they’re using!

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