Amsterdam’s Dragon Duel winner again successful

26.02.2012 | 17:21 |
12-year old Erik Schmidt already has some experience with Dragon Duels at YCSs and finally showed how skilled a Duelist he is when he won the Dragon Duel Public Event at the World Championship in Amsterdam last August. Now the Duelist from Germany was again successful, this time with his Dino-Rabbit Deck, as he won the youngster's event here at the YCS Leipzig. After five rounds of Duelling he defeated Belgium's Margot Carnier in the deciding Duel in which Margot (the Dragon Duel winner at the European Championship 2011 in Madrid) also played Dino-Rabbit. Just like in the Main Event, Dino-Rabbit Decks are quite popular with the Dragon Duel players at the moment: Tobias Dunsch, who reached place 4, also played it, while David Vogelsang made rank 3 with his T.G. Anti Deck.

The proud top 4 Dragon Duelists of YCS Leipzig