An interview with our 2011 card game World Champion.

26 Duelists battled it out over 2 days of action in order to decide who this year’s World Champion would be, and after all the cards had been played that honour fell to Japan’s Takashi Ogawa. Here’s what he had to say right after winning the world title.

Takashi Ogawa (right) with the videogame champion Lee Jong-Hwan, and their exclusive prize cards.
Takashi Ogawa (right) with the videogame champion Lee Jong-Hwan, and their exclusive prize cards.

[quote][p][b]Congratulations on your victory, how does it feel to know that you are now the World Champion?[/p][/b]
[p]It feels great, I just did my usual things, and then I won![/p][/quote]

[quote][p][b]Did you ever think you would come this far when you were playing in qualifiers in Japan?[/b][/p]
[p]No, at the time I did not, and I changed my Deck many times when I was preparing for the Japanese WCQ. I was even building my Main Deck on the bullet train to the tournament! I also only completed my [wc] Deck in the hotel this weekend.[/p][/quote]

[quote][p][b]What was the one thing that you felt gave you the edge over the other World Championship competitors?[/p][/b]
[p]Like any card game there is an element of luck involved. Everybody has the same chance of winning, and fortunately I was the luckiest of them all.[/p][/quote]

[quote][p][b]Do you have any advice for Duelists that would like to become a future World Champion?[/p][/b]
[p]Try to have many friends and people to Duel with, as you will all get stronger together, and you can’t play a card game on your own. I have a lot of friends in Japan that helped me along the way.[/p][/quote]

[quote][p][b]And what will you do next?[/p][/b]
[p]I would like to eat some home cooked food and celebrate with my friends in Japan![/p][/quote]
Congratulations once again to Takashi Ogawa, your Yu-Gi-Oh! card game World Champion for 2011!

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