An Interview with the new Videogame World Champion

14.08.2011 | 18:20 |

We grabbed Lee Jong-Hwan as soon as we could get a hold of him! It's been quite an experience for him, from almost not making it to the South Korean National Championship in the first place all the way to worldwide fame as a result of his win over Makoto Ito in the finals of this year's World Championship! We were sure he had a story to tell and we wanted to share it with you!

Congratulations on your victory! How does it feel to know that you are now the new World Champion?

To be honest, at first I almost couldn't believe it. Only when I was called on stage and received the trophy, it started to set in. I'm very, very happy and I had a blast playing in the finals!

Did you ever think you would come this far when you were playing in qualifiers in South Korea? Has it always been your dream to become a World Champion?

No, not at all!

We heard the story of you having to take a cab back home as you forgot your videogame on the way to the South Korean National Championship. It was the only way for you to make it back there in time and you ended up winning the tournament and becoming the new National Champion, securing you the spot in this year's World Championship. In retrospect, that must have been the best cab ride of your life?

Yes, for sure! I should probably thank the cab driver!

What was the one thing that you felt gave you the edge over the other World Championship competitors?

I think all the other players were very strong! It was a constant struggle and up until the very end, I wasn't certain that I would end up winning the World Championship. I think I need a little more time to reflect on the tournament before I can tell for sure what has been the difference maker over the course of the weekend.


No one was able to overcome Lee Jong-Hwan (second from the right) in this year's World Championship!

No one was able to overcome Lee Jong-Hwan (second from the right) in this year's World Championship!


Do you have any advice for Duelists that would like to become a future World Champion?

Never give up! Always keep your head up and believe in yourself, you can turn every Duel around!

And what will you do next?

Well, I qualified for the World Championship 2012. So my next big goal is to defend the title in the upcoming year!