As promised: More Public Events action!

Yesterday’s best 128 players are still Dueling in the Main Event to become the first winner of a Sealed YCS ever. In the meantime, players also have the chance to participate in more, exciting Public Events going on the whole day.

Highlights include the Dragon Duel in which 8 youngsters will win a qualification for their European Championship; the YCS Trial to win travel and accomodation to an upcoming YCS; and later today the Public Events playoffs, offering the chance to win an exclusive prize card, Digvorzhak, King of Heavy Industry, otherwise only available to top players at the Main Event.

Dragon Duelists, eager to gain their qualification for the Dragon Duel WCQ: European Championship

If you're more into casual Dueling, the Duelist League is the right choice for you

Can't get enough of the Battle Pack? There are also Sealed Public Events today.

Players trying to win one of the popular mats in Win-a-Mat

YCS Trial Round 2 will start shortly!

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