Attack of the Giant Card! Winner Sunday

01.09.2013 | 17:13 |
As Duelists downstairs battle it out for the grand prize, upstairs players have been slamming each other’s Life Points for a chance to win a monolithic Monster Card of their own! Finally, Fabian Renner has won and gets to take home his very own Giant Card!

Fabian happy with his new giant card!

Play by play, Fabian Renner made a lot of right choices and defeated every Duelist in his wake! His final opponent Leeroy Bitbol put up a valiant fight, but he too succumbed to the might Fabian Renner‘s Deck!

Leeroy Bitbol!

How did you defeat your opponent?
Played 4 matches against Elemental Dragons and 1 Thunder Deck! Overtime helped me win this one, and a one turn kill with Scrap Dragon!

If you were a Yu-Gi-Oh! Card what effect would you have?
Search for another copy of myself! Elemental HERO Stratos is the best card!

Why did you choose The Winged Dragon of Ra?
I’m choosing The Winged Dragon of Ra because it’s the most popular of all three!
Enjoy your new giant The Winged Dragon of Ra Fabian Renner! You’ve earned it!