Attack of the Giant Card Winner

30.06.2019 | 17:32 |
We have our first Giant Card Winner of this event! It is Danique de Jongh from the Benelux. He’s a big fan of Speed Duel and decided to take his chance to enter the first ever Speed Duel Public Event. He was rewarded by winning a gorgeous Giant Skill Card: Destiny Draw.


Speel Duel
Name: Danique de Jongh Age: 19 Country: Benelux How do you feel right now? I feel very good winning such a prestigious event. I really enjoy Speed Duel a lot! It’s probably my most favourite format at the moment. The more simplified game is something I really like. And the whole game feels a lot more interactive than the current format. What Deck did play today? Lucky Gravekeepers – I really the Gravekeeper engine. It’s pretty strong and fun to play. How do you feel about the Public Events in general? I didn’t attend a lot of them today. I mainly played the main event. But I really happy you decided to add Speed Duel to the Public Events schedule and hope there will be more support in the future. Any last words? Shoutouts to my team OCC and to everyone who helped and supported me.