Award ceremony

31.10.2016 | 10:58 |
YCS Liverpool is in the books and we have an old and a new winner! It was a great weekend full of fun, tension, luck and skill. The best of the best came together to duke it out once again. Even though ABC took up nearly 50% of the field Thomas Rose from the UK managed to win with his Phantom Knight Burning Abyss Deck! Who would have thought! Here are the pictures from the award ceremony.


Award C5The Winner's trophy!


Award C10The Prize Card in Ultra Rare.


Award C19Getting ready for the award ceremony.


Award C21Congratulations to all of the Top 4 Duelists of YCS Liverpool.


Award C26


Award C30


Award C32


Award C45On fourth place: Niccolo Mazzoleni!


Award C41Third place: Jack Verma.


Award C48Runner-Up: Tom Viergutz.


Award C38The winner: Thomas Rose


Award C55Top 4 Duelists of YCS Liverpool!