Award Ceremony 2018 WCQ: European Championship in Berlin

10.07.2018 | 12:05 |
The 2018 WCQ: European Championship is in the books! We had more than 1.600 Duelists entering the Main Event. After 11 Rounds of Swiss and 6 more Knock-Out Rounds we have a new European Champion. Luke Parks took the title to the United Kingdom. Here are the pictures from the award ceremony.




Wow, what a final match! Luke Parks, piloting Gouki, faced Francesco Simoncelli running a unique Trickstar build. This we had the United Kingdom vs. Italy. Both Duelists secured themselves an invite to the World Championships in Japan. Luke Parks won Game 1 by building a huge field full of Link Monster, already taking 20 minutes of the clock. Francesco managed to mount a comeback Game 2 using a well-timed Torrential Tribute. Game 3 started with only 6 minutes on the clock. Luke parks had the advantage on his side as he was allowed to go first. He even drew into Neo-Spacian Aqua Dolphin to peak at Francesco's hand and inflict crucial burn damage.


Here are the Winners of Berlin:


rpt Semifinalist: Nicolas Mayer from Germany


rpt Semifinalist: Alessandro Garanzini from Italy


rpt Runner-Up and World Championship Competitor: Francesco Simoncelli from Italy


rpt European Champion 2018 and World Championship Competitor: Luke Parks from the UK