Award Ceremony

The WCQ: European Championship 2017 is in the books! We had more than 1.300 Duelists entering the Main Event. After 11 Rounds of Swiss and 6 more Knock-Out Rounds we have a new European Champion. Marcello Barberi finally beat the “curse” and – for the first time ever in [ygo] history – managed to go undefeated. He finished the event with an incredible 17:0 record that will stand the test time. Here are the pictures from the award ceremony.


Wow, what a finish! Marcello Barberi flew to the United States to participate in a Regional to secure his top spot in the Italian rankings. He didn’t even need to play in the WCQ to go to Worlds. He already had earned his invite. Still, he entered the event and after Day 1 we already heard rumors spreading among Duelists about “Il bestio”. Well, and here it is: Marcello Barberi took the top spot and is our new European Champion of 2017. In the finals he beat his fellow-countryman Michael Forner in the finals by a heartbeat.

In the quarterfinals he also faced Tom Paine, who also had quite a story to tell. Tom wasn’t qualified to the WCQ until Friday afternoon. Due to studies he couldn’t play any Nationals and had to enter a Last Chance Qualifier on Friday. He won and earned his invite at the last minute. On Sunday he was close to going to Worlds! I bet he wasn’t considering this when entering the LCQ on Friday.

Here are the Winners of Utrecht:
Tom Paine Semi-Finalist
Semi-Finalist Tom Paine from the UK
Petros Markantonakis Semi-Finalist
Semi-Finalist Petros Markantonakis from Greece[abstand]
Michael Forner Runner UP
Runner-Up and World Championship competitior Michael Forner from Italy
Marcello Barberi Winner
European Champion 2017 and World Championship competitior Marcello Barberi from Italy
Top 4 WCQ Utrecht
Top 4 of the WCQ in Utrecht

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