Back to the Roots with Legendary Collection 4

29.06.2013 | 21:48 |

Players seemingly can’t get enough of the Battle Pack 2: War of the Giants. Apart from the fact that the Sealed format is a lot of fun, this might also have something to do with some of the awesome reprints. I mean, who doesn’t want to Special Summon Slifer the Sky Dragon and end the game in spectacular fashion?!

If that’s also the case for you, make sure to check out our latest announcement: There will be a Legendary Collection 4: Joey’s World! Just like the 3 other Legendary Collections before it, it will come packed with some of the most iconic card from Yugi’s – and of course Joey’s – era.

Head on over to the Yu-Gi-Oh! Strategy Site to learn about the first few cards that have been confirmed for this very special set and make sure to check back to the official Product Page regularly to learn more about all the upcoming releases!