Bastian Franke wins YCS Milan’s Dragon Duel

21.11.2010 | 17:35 |

After 6 rounds of Duelling, Bastian Franke from Germany has won this weekend’s Dragon Duel.

Bastian started playing the Yu-Gi-Oh! TRADING CARD GAME “many many years ago”, as he says, when he started Duelling with his friends. After already having played in the Main Event of the YCS Bochum, Bastian now came here to Milan, accompanied by his grandfather, where he participated in the Main Event yesterday and then chose to play – very successfully – in the Dragon Duel today.
Bastian’s Deck was a Gladiator-Beast type which made him win all six rounds, as well as the last one against Simeone Vilardo’s Blackwings.

Second place goes to Luca Pavarin, followed by Simeone Vilardo, both from Italy.

Bastian Franke receives his prizes, among these the YCS gamemat he had wished for