Battle Pack Ultimate Showdown Finals: Allan Kennard vs. Ferkos Vagelis

England’s Allan Kennard and Greece’s Ferkos Vagelis are both 6-0 in the Battle Pack Ultimate Showdown! 128 Duelists entered, and only 2 remain undefeated. The winner of this tournament will receive a paid trip to an upcoming YCS and a Blood Mefist prize card, so the stakes for this Battle Pack tournament are higher than ever!

Duel One

Ferkos Vagelis

Vagelis started off Duel 1 by Setting a card to each zone.

Kennard opened up with Ring of Destruction, Mask of Darkness, Voltic Kong, Toon Gemini Elf, Treeborn Frog, and Hyper Hammerhead. He Set Treeborn Frog and Ring of Destruction and then passed, but Vagelis activated Dust Tornado in the End Phase to destroy Ring of Destruction!

Vagelis Summoned Drillroid and attacked Treeborn Frog to destroy it. He Set a card to his back row and passed.

Kennard drew Goblindbergh. He Set Mask of Darkness and ended his turn.

Vagelis Summoned Dark Valkyria and then Flip Summoned Twin-Headed Behemoth. Drillroid attacked Kennard’s face-down Mask of Darkness, allowing Kennard to get Ring of Destruction back from his Graveyard. Twin-Headed Behemoth attacked and destroyed Treeborn Frog next, and Dark Valkyria attacked directly.

Kennard drew Zaborg the Thunder Monarch next turn! He Special Summoned Treeborn Frog in his Standby Phase and then Tributed his Frog to try to Summon Zaborg; but Vagelis activated Solemn Judgment and paid 4000 Life Points to negate its Summon! Kennard Set Ring of Destruction before ending his turn.

Vagelis Summoned Breaker the Magical Warrior next turn and Kennard conceded! With only 6200 Life Points remaining, Ring of Destruction was no help to Kennard!

Ferkos Vagelis uses a key Solemn Judgment to shut down Allan Kennard’s Zaborg and win the first Duel! Allan Kennard will be going first in Duel 2!

Duel Two

Allan Kennard

Kennard opened up Duel 2 with Magic Drain, Toon Gemini Elf, Goblindbergh, Swords of Revealing Light, Guardian Sphinx, and Zaborg the Thunder Monarch. He Summoned Goblindbergh and used its effect to Special Summon Toon Gemini Elf from his hand. Then he activated Swords of Revealing Light, Set Magic Drain, and ended his turn.

Vagelis Summoned Breaker the Magical Warrior and gave it a Spell Counter. Then he removed the Spell Counter to destroy Kennard’s Swords of Revealing Light. Breaker attacked and destroyed Goblindbergh. Vagelis Set 3 cards to his back row before ending his turn.

Kennard drew Ring of Destruction. He Set it and passed.

Vagelis Tributed Breaker to Summon Mobius the Frost Monarch! He targeted both of Kennard’s face-down Traps, and Kennard Chained Ring of Destruction; but Vagelis Chained Solemn Judgment and paid 4000 Life Points to negate the Ring! Magic Drain was destroyed by Mobius, and then Mobius attacked and destroyed Toon Gemini Elf.

Kennard drew Hyper Hammerhead and Set it.

Vagelis Summoned Twin-Barrel Dragon. He activated its effect, but lost the coin flip. He attacked the face-down Hyper Hammerhead with his Twin-Barrel Dragon and Twin-Barrel Dragon returned to his hand due to Hyper Hammerhead’s effect. Mobius attacked Kennard directly before Vagelis ended his turn.

Kennard drew Kunai with Chain and Set it, but lost it to Dust Tornado in the End Phase.

Vagelis Summoned Twin-Barrel Dragon back to the field and attacked directly with Twin-Barrel Dragon and Mobius.

Kennard drew Zombyra the Dark and Summoned it. He attacked and destroyed Twin-Barrel Dragon with Zombyra and then ended his turn.

Vagelis activated Snatch Steal to take control of Zombyra and then attacked directly with Mobius to wipe out the rest of Kennard’s Life Points!

Ferkos Vagelis is this weekend’s Battle Pack Ultimate Showdown Champion!

Check out the Deck Ferkos Vagelis used to win the Battle Pack Ultimate Showdown!
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