Benedikt Junk and Lukas Calovini’s “EuroBeat” Deck.

This time last week Angel Flores was defeating opponents left and right with LIGHT Gemini Beatdown at YCS Anahein, well on his way towards a well-earned YCS victory. LIGHT Gemini has been a popular Deck for a while now, but the addition of Elemental Hero The Shining was what really put the Deck in the spotlight. Shining hasn’t been released in Europe so far, but Benedikt Junk and Lukas Calovini have something else up their sleeve…

Calovini and Junk may have the element of surprise here in Paris.

Check back here after the event for the Decklist!

At first glance this Deck functions like the classic LIGHT Gemini Decks we’re used to seeing. Both Duelists have easy access to [alius] through [rota] and [ecall], and can combine it with [hblast] and [gspark] to interrupt their opponents’ plays. On top of that there are plenty of Anti-Meta cards present, such as [tkr] and [dck], 2 cards that cause many Duelists a lot of problems. From here onwards the monster lineup gets quite interesting, with 2 copies of [sazank]. Benedikt explained the reason for the Karakuri’s inclusion before the tournament began:

“[sazank] works well in the Deck because it gets around the effects of several cards in this format. It “sends” cards to the Graveyard instead of destroying them, so [trooper], [grandmaster], [stardust] and [magatama] won’t work against it.”

[sazank] is a very smart call in a format where there are many cards that involve destruction effects. Not many cards can stop Sazank when its effect activates, and when it’s flipped face-up it can score a quick Direct Attack to chop away at opposing Life Points. [penguin] is another new addition to the Deck, fresh off its success in Flores’ Deck last week, providing another way to get rid of monsters without destroying them.

The Spell and Trap lineup is more familiar to LIGHT Gemini Duelists as all the new tricks are in the monster lineup. 3 [gspark] and 2 [hblast] do what they do best in destroying cards and getting free ones, 3 [duality] help Junk and Calovini get to their key cards like [warning], [judgment] and [oppression]. There’s also a [7tools] in here to one-up opponents who think they’re safe by playing [warning], [magatama] and [judgment] against Junk and Calovini.

Since this is an Elemental Hero Deck there’s bound to be something in the Extra Deck that will catch the attention of everybody. Since Elemental Hero The Shining isn’t available Junk and Calovini are focusing on [zero] and [egaia] instead. [miracle] and [future] can set up these Summons, with [snowman], [sazank], [penguin] and [dyna] being the main “non-Hero” materials. Both Duelists are also running [gale] so the various Synchros in the Extra deck are also readily available.

Many Duelists here aren’t expecting to come across a LIGHT Gemini-style build since there’s no Shining to fear, but that’s precisely why Junk and Calovini are playing this Deck in the first place. It’s a powerful strategy that’s floating under the radar at the moment, and with 2 experienced Duelists like these at the helm we could see this deck make it to the Top 32.

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