Celebration of the 200th YCS!

22.09.2018 | 21:36 |
Finally, all three 200th YCS events all over the globe started and we have final participation numbers. This event is a huge success for Yu-Gi-Oh!, for Konami and for all you Duelists and Fans out there!


YCS_200_Logo Who would have thought what this game would lead us to? After being released in Japan in 1999 the cards came to Europe in 2004. Initially, the game started as a merchandise for the anime series, but soon it was picked up by the community as a serious card game. Soon after, the game received an organized play and suddenly Duelists started to compete and duel at National Championships as well as World Championships. For six years European Duelists enviously had to look overseas for their huge Shonen Jump events, where famous prize cards like Gold Sarcophagus, Shrink or Crush Card Virus were handed out to the winners.




It took while for Europeans to catch up and host their Pharaoh Tour and later on Fortune Tour events that were similar in size. It wasn’t until 2010 when Europe received the Yu-Gi-Oh! Championship Series. The first YCS took place in Bochum, Germany and was highly anticipated by Duelists in all over Europe. The event was a huge success, cracking the number of 1.000 Duelists in competition.




It felt like the start of a new area in Europe. Even though the Fortune was big, had decent coverage and prize support, the YCS took it to a new Level. Suddenly, Europe was on par with the United States. We had the same events, the same prize cards and the same support from Konami. The next step was the introduction of the live stream on Twitch in 2014. For the 1st time we were able to broadcast Feature Matches and Interviews live, directly to you at home. This new form of coverage helped us to reach even more people and attract a lot of new players. I also remember that we experimented with sealed formats at YCS like Sheffield. Unfortunately, it didn’t work out the way it was supposed to, and we switched back to Advanced Format again. Ever since 2016 participation numbers are growing constantly. Almost every year we set new attendance records culminating in YCS Bochum, which set the record pretty high, but it was even overcome by the 200th YCS in Utrecht. There were 2.356 Duelists that entered YCS Utrecht. In Columbus, Ohia there are 2.774 Duelists and in Mexico City (Mexico) there are currently 2.539 registered players. That’s an overall 7.600 Duelists that showed up at the different YCS events to celebrate the 200th!




We wanted to take the chance and say thank for your support, thank you for your excitement and thank you for coming and watching at home. Without you this would not be possible, and you are the reason why we give out best to provide you with the best coverage experience possible. Hope you enjoy it! Until the next 200!