Cosplay Profile: Adriana the High Priestess

25.10.2013 | 16:36 |

MCM Comic Con brings people from all over to unite under their own respective fandoms and the Yu-Gi-Oh! TRADING CARD GAME fanbase is no different! Here is Adriana who’s here sharing her [priestess] cosplay costume with us today!


Adriana the High Priestess showing off her amazing costume and spellbook!

[b]How long did it take you to make?[/b]
[quote]About two months but I had a bit a break in between. There was a lot of planning involved because no one has made this costume before.[/quote]
[b]What’s it made from?[/b]
[quote]A lot of it is EVA foam, like the book, hat and other little things. The orbs are made of Christmas baubles and the small ones are made from blazer buttons painted with nail polish so that the paint won’t crack.[/quote]
[b]How long have you been making costumes like this?[/b]
[quote]Last year I made a costume from another game, that was my first time using EVA for armour. I used to make a lot more easier ones, but then decided to make one that was a little harder to make. I’ve made a fair few costumes before but only more seriously in the past couple of years.[/quote]
[b]What made you want to make [priestess]?[/b]
[quote]Because the card was cool! I wanted to do a Yu-Gi-Oh! character so I went through all the cards and picked one that was popular and that people loved. I liked the costume and it would have been fun to make! I’m short so I was going to be Yugi Muto but decided to go in a different direction.[/quote]