Coverage overview day 1 YCS Bochum 2010

To make it a little easier for you to find all our articles of the coverage for day 1, we included all the links in this post.

News & Updates
The number of the day: 1279!
Hot news: Round 9 will be played tomorrow!
End of day 1

Standings after round 3
Standings after round 4
Standings after round 5
Standings after round 6
Standings after round 7
Top 256 players after round 8

Feature Matches
Round 1 Feature Match: Luigi Alici vs. Claudio Kirchmair
Round 2 Feature Match: Michel Grüner vs. Jake Quinsee
Round 3 Feature Match: Vincent Ralambomiadana vs Umut Serin
Feature Match Round 4: Mahedi Shareef vs. Yohann Descamps
Round 5 Feature Match: Jonathan Krauß vs. Florian Chitic
Round 6 Feature Match: Eden Zamir vs Robin Albrecht
Round 7 Feature Match: Peter Gomez vs. George Botos
Round 8 Feature Match: Adrian Madaj vs. Rodrigo Togores

Deck Features and Analysis
Deck Feature: Yohann Descamps’ Absolute Zero Deck
Top 10 tables in round 8
The overall deck breakdown

Satellite News
Welcome to YCS Bochum!
Setting up the stage
Swiss Duelists at the YCS Bochum
A look at the venue.
Meet the Yu-Gi-Oh! Moms
Markus Kölsch 1st winner of “ATTACK OF THE GIANT CARD!!” in Europe
Winners of the Team Public Event
Profile: Players with handicap: Daniel Wijnands, Belgium
Fair Play Award!
Yu-Gi-Oh! with handicaps – part 2
Public Events: 2nd of 6 Giant Cards gone!

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