Coverage overview day 1 YCS Milan 2010

The final round of day has beend played, final Standings have beend posted and this concludes our coverage for day 1 of the [ycs] in Milan. To make it a little easier for you to find all our articles of the coverage for day 1, we included all the links in this post.

Updates & Standings
Welcome to YCS Milan!
Ready for round 1!
Standings after Round 3
Standings after Round 4
Standings after Round 5
Standings after Round 6
Standings after Round 7

Feature Matches
Round 1 Feature Match: Gehan Amaranayake vs. Mario Spallone
Round 2 Feature Match: Andrea Davoli vs. Alessandro Donato
Round 3 Feature Match: Davor Jevrosimov vs. Luca Chetoni
Round 4 Feature Match: Teresa Vairo vs. Davide Martinelli
Round 5 Feature Match: Benedikt Junk vs. Francesco Tosini
Round 6 Feature Match: Deniz Mailänder vs. Diego Clemente
Round 7 Feature Match: Stefan Schwierz vs. Vagelis Ferkos

Deck Analysis
What do the Duelists predict?
Steven Parkes’ “Shooting Star Synchro!” Deck
Deck Profile: Robin Bachofner’s Naturia Scraps
The Deck and Duelist breakdowns for YCS Milan
The influence of Starstrike Blast
Quickdraw and Plant Synchro: What’s the difference?
Deck Profile: Niccolo Fioletti’s Gravekeepers
A look at today’s top tables.

Satellite News
YCS First Timers
QQ: What’s your favorite Starstrike Blast card?
It pays out to play in the Public Events
More duels, more variety, more prizes: The Public Events
Public Events: Milan’s first winner of a Giant Card!
Players in Pictures

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