Coverage overview day 2 YCS Bochum 2010

To make it a little easier for you to find all our articles of the coverage for day 2, we included all the links in this post.

News & Updates
Top 8 Player Profiles
The Finalists of YCS Bochum
YCS Bochum Top 4 Picture
Michel Grüner is your YCS Bochum 2010 Champion!

Pairings for Top 32
Top 32 results
Top 16 Pairings
Top 16 results
Top 8 Pairings
Top 8 results

Standings after round 9
Standings after round 10
Standings after round 11

Feature Matches
Feature Match Round 9: Roland Gress vs. Sebastien Gonzales
Round 10 Feature Match: Yannay Rotem vs Baris Bulut
Feature Match Round 11: Miriam Weber vs. Wenjamin Yusim
Feature Match Top 32: Dario Longo vs. Slavik Shevchuk
Feature Match Top 16: Weng Tran vs. Ioannis Mourelatos
Feature Match Top 8: Ron Fiedler vs. Christos Anestakis
Feature Match Top 4: Michel Grüner vs Stefan Faust
Final Feature Match: Michel Grüner vs. Eden Zamir

Deck Features and Analysis
Deck Feature: Florian Chitic’s Old School Chaos Recruiter
Deck Feature: Eden Zamir’s Dark Debris Deck
Deck Feature: Andreas Halbfeld’s Quickdraw Machina
YCS Bochum’s Top 32 Deck Spread
Top 16 Decklists

Satellite News
Welcome to YCS Bochum – Day 2
QQ: What do you think of the new F&L list?
Pictures of the main event during round 10
The scorekeeper – the overlooked MVP
Let’s look at the Top 16 in action!
QQ: Where should the first YCS 2011 take place?
Interview with our Head Judge Hartmut Glücker
Public Events: Giant “Pot of Duality” joins his normal-sized brothers in France

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