Coverage overview day 2 YCS Milan 2010

21.11.2010 | 19:51 |
The second European Yu-Gi-Oh! Championship Series in Milan is finished and we congratulate Mat Collins for his spectacular win. This concludes our coverage for this event. To make it a little easier for you to find all our articles of the coverage for day 2, we included all the links in this post. Updates & Standings Welcome to day 2 Standings after Round 8 Standings after Round 9 Standings after Round 10 Top 32 Pairings Top 32 Results Top 16 Pairings Top 16 Results See the Top 8 players Quarterfinal Pairings Quarterfinals Results Semifinals Pairings Semifinals Results and Finals Matchup Top 4 of the second European YCS and winner Mat Collins Top 16 Decklists of YCS Milan Feature Matches Round 8 Feature Match: Pierre Breuil vs. Urh Kovacic Round 9 Feature Match: Pierre Pradelles vs. Andrea Caruso Round 10 Feature Match: Merlin Schumacher vs. Luke Lennard Top 32 Feature Match: Andrea Russo vs Andrea Caruso Top 16 Feature Match: Joao Silva vs. Nikos Houris Top 8 Feature Match: Michael Ciplak vs. Niels Vossen Top 4 Feature Match: Sebastian Soika vs. Mat Collins Final Feature Match: Mat Collins vs. Noel Garde Deck Analysis Benedikt Junk’s “Synchro Scrap” Deck Deck Profile: Raul Fernandez’ and David Garcia’s Vayu Turbo The Deck and Duelist breakdown of the Top 32 Mahedi Shareef’s “Old-School Anti-Meta” Satellite News QQ: Which one is your favorite Aesir! Today’s Public Events are getting started A look at the action from Round 8. QQ: What is your favorite part about this weekend so far? Dragon Duel – the race is on! QQ: How did you get here? Public Events are underway + more Players in Pictures! Public Events: Giant Card stays in Italy Bastian Franke wins YCS Milan’s Dragon Duel Europe’s 2nd Giant “Scrap Dragon” Card goes to… Last Giant Card of this YCS is gone