Coverage Overview for Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG WCQ European Championship 2011

17.07.2011 | 20:48 |
Below you can find an overview with direct lin to all articles published during our live coverage from the Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG WCQ European Championship 2011. News & Updates Welcome to the WCQ: European Championship 2011! Round 1 has started! Day 1′s Public Events are now underway. First giant card winner in the Public Events: Utopia will travel to Greece Overview of today’s Public Events, including the second Giant Card winner Welcome to Day 2! The Public Events for Day 2. 12-year old girl wins the Dragon Duel! Public Events: Italy will soon have a giant Chaos Sorcerer Here’s how the final Matches went down! Proudly presenting to you: the Top 4 players and the European Champion! Here’s how the final Matches went down! More Public Events results: Giant Cards and YCS Trial WCQ: European Championship 2011: The Top 16 Deck & Duelist breakdowns. Standings & Playoffs Standings after Round 3 Standings after Round 4 Standings after Round 5 Standings after Round 6 Final Standings of Day 1 Standings after Round 8 Standings after Round 9 Final Standings after Swiss Rounds Pairings Top 64 Playoff Results Top 64 Playoff Pairings Top 32 Playoff Results Top 32 Playoff Pairings Top 16 Playoff Results Top 16 Playoff Pairings Top 8 Playoff Results Top 8 Semifinal Pairings Final Pairing of the Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG WCQ: European Championship 2011 Feature Matches Round 1: Rodrigo Togores (ESP) vs. Tommaso Gori (ITA) Round 2: Jake Quinsee (UK) vs. Michael Ciplak (AT) Round 3: Jakob Bentzen (DEN) vs. Mario Richert (SWI) Round 4: Fabio Minicozzi (ITA) vs Eduard Álvarez (ESP) Round 5: Joao Silva vs. Vladislav Shlimovich Round 6: Wytze Kluitenberg (NED) vs. Kalle Knutas (SWE) Round 7: Patrik Merc (SLO) vs. Thomas Cavaliere (FRA) Round 8: Vincent Ralambomiadana (FRA) vs. Dimitris Giovanoudis (GRE) Round 9: Benedikt Junk (DEU) vs Alejandro Ropero (ESP) Round 10: Diego Badinotti (ITA) vs. George Abatzidis (GRE) Top 64: Slavik Shevchuk (ISR) vs Richard Cherry (UK) Top 32: Kim Just Jensen (DEN) vs. Daryl Campbell (UK) Top 16: Michel Grüner (DEU) vs Omar Seliman (ITA) Top 8: Richard Cherry (UK) vs. Raul Fernandez Guiscardo (ESP) Top 4: Raul Fernandez (ESP) vs. Sami Sekkoum (UK) Finals: Michel Grüner (GER) vs. Sami Sekkoum (UK) Deck Analysis Tech choices at the WCQ: European Championship Rocco Tamburlini, Nicolo Gaspari and Frederico Zoppini’s “Fudo Synchro” Charles Powell’s “Stormcloud Synchro” Deck Analysis: Raul Fernandez’, Alejandro Ropero and Samuel Gutierrez’ Worms WCQ: European Championship 2011: The Decks & Duelists Diego Badinotti’s “Psychic Shockwaves” Deck Analysis: Antonio Ripoll’s Machina Gadgets! Deck Analysis: The Austrian take on Tech Genus! The Top 16 Decklists of WCQ: European Championship 2011 Other Getting ready for the big weekend Xyz Monsters: Coming to an Extra Deck near you. Public Events impressions QQ: What Decks do you expect to make day 2? Satellite News: Players returning lost items! Bling up your Deck with Gold Series 4! QQ: What are you looking forward to in GENF? A look at the Main Event prizes More Hidden Arsenal packs available this Summer! WCQ First Timers A quick look at the Top 32. QQ: Care to share some advice? A quick look at the Top 16 Our Feature Match Viewing Area