Day 1 of YCS Brussels will be underway soon!

31.08.2013 | 9:13 |

Hello and welcome to the official coverage of the YCS Brussels! It’s the third European Yu-Gi-Oh! Championship Series we’re holding this year and the second that will follow the rules of Sealed Pack Play.

In case you haven’t been to YCS Sheffield last year, where we first introduced this very skill-intense and exciting format, here’s how it works in a nutshell…

The location of YCS Brussels

Image Credit: Brussels Expo

  • Rather than bringing your own pre-constructed deck to the tournament, all players receive a set number of packs at the start of the tournament
  • Duelists will then construct their respective decks using ONLY the contents of the packs they received
  • The list of Forbidden and Limited cards will not be in place for the main event, just like the usual rule of the maximum number of 3 copies per card – so you can play 4 copies of [reborn] if they are in your Deck Pool!
  • There is a special re-draw rule in place to provide you with a second chance to draw into a strong opening hand. Read more about it in this article
  • As always, we will be playing a number of Swiss rounds based on attendance, followed by a cut to the Top 128 (or 256) players that will continue playing on Day 2
  • The Duelists advancing to Day 2 will receive new Pools to build Decks with!

YCS Sheffield was an overwhelming success, with us watching some of the most accomplished players in the game putting up a strong showing and rising to the occasion. While some Duelists weren’t quite sure if experience in the Constructed format would translate to a good performance in Sealed Pack Play, Peter Groß and Rodrigo Togores put an end to the discussion, clashing into each other in one of the most memorable feature matches in recent Dueling history.

Peter Groß won the first Sealed YCS in Europe!

We got roughly 20 more minutes for players to sign up and we already have 490 Duelists that made the trip to Brussels. Let’s see if we can break the 512 player mark which would mean we’d be playing 7 rounds of Swiss today before we make a cut to the Top 128 players that will remain in competition and continue tomorrow.

One more thing to keep in mind is that the new Forbidden and Limited List will be in effect all weekend for all of the Public Events. So we’ll also be able to provide you with some first insights into what’s popular now that the new format has arrived.

As you can see, there’s plenty to look forward to coming to you today. Make sure to also check out the many YCS Brussels reveals that we used to attract more players to make the trip, and stay tuned and make sure to check back regularly for the latest updates from YCS Brussels!