Day 1 Wrap-Up

Welcome to day 2 of the WCQ: European Championship 2010!

The EC is always the most international tournament of the year. This time, 183 Duelists from 21 different Nations showed up, all with the same goal: Making day 2. Some highly favored players and National Champions stumbled, but the 64 most successful players still have a shot at the knock out stage of the tournament where the ultimate prize is waiting for them: A ticket to the World Championship. On top of that, half of those 64, the top 32, will walk away with a copy of [ded], a card everyone would like to add to his collection.


[b]Here’s the complete country breakdown:[/b]


Even with the home advantage on their side, the UK didn’t send the highest number of players. Germany was able to take away this title with 23 players, but let’s not forget about the Netherlands, Italy and Switzerland that all made a strong showing.

The dust has settled and after 8 rounds of Swiss, the picture looks a little different. These are the Nations that still have a shot at the title:



An impressive performance by the Italian players with only 5 out of the original 16 dropping out of the tournament. A disappointing result for the German players that sent the most players, but with 4 of the 6 remaining players currently in the top 16, they still have some good chances.

A look at the most popular decks was showing a less diverse distribution with X-Sabers clearly leading the field. This was at least partially expected after their strong showing at the United States WCQ. With 28 players relying on Infernities and almost an identical number of Duelists running Frog Monarchs (17), Blackwings (15) and Gladiator Beasts (15), we still had a very diverse field full of interesting decks. We saw a lower than expected number of Perfect Herald decks and were a little surprised by the low number of Duelists that relied on the Quickdraw archetype.

The feedback we received yesterday was overwhelmingly positive. The 8 rounds of Swiss went by without any incidents and there are 6 more rounds ahead of us before we will do a cut and the top 8 will have to battle it out amongst themselves. To be guaranteed a spot in the Top 8, you have to make it through the 14 rounds of Swiss in total. Therefore, we’ll see a number of interesting bubble matches today where participation in the Top 8 will be decided..

[b]Dragon Duel Championship:[/b]

Our second big event yesterday was the Dragon Duel Championship where 52 juniors showed up and participatet for the title. Kali McMoran was the happy winner, overcoming David Monaghan’s X-Saber deck in the finals with his version of an Infernity deck. Will we see the same match-up in the finals of the main event?

An additional 187 players showed up for the side events, participating in 26 8 player knock out events, 7 Win-a-Mat tournaments as well as a Win-a-room and a Sealed event. More cool side events are on the schedule today and we expect an equally large turnout.

Today, you can expect some more cool features, we’ll ask the players what they would like to see limited or forbidden in the upcoming format and then there will also be some more amazing Feature Matches. So stay tuned and follow our coverage when we present you live with the most up to date standings and show you who will walk away with the title of European Champion 2010!


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