Day 2′s Main Event Wrap-Up

15.04.2012 | 18:33 |

Day 2 of YCS Toulouse is almost over so let’s look back on it to see what went down!

The Duelists began their second day of action!

The top tables at the beginning of Round 8 were quite varied. We had Dino Rabbit, Dark World and all sorts of other Decks up there and in with a shot of making the playoffs. Our first Feature Match contained Ninjas and Dark World, and we spotted a really interesting Inzektor Rabbit Deck as well. The final round of swiss saw Vincent Ralambomiadana compete against Ronny Reitz for one of the last remaining Top 32 spots in a thrilling Match that went all the way to Duel 3.

Top 32 begins.

As the Top 32 began we had a look at what was happening around the tables and asked some of the competitors what their toughest matchups were. We also checked in with our Diary Duelists again and Inzektors took on Dino Rabbit in the Feature Match. Once we found out what everybody was running as their Decks it was easier to pick out the exciting matchups and HEROes set upon the Top 16.

Peter Gross was doing well!

Once the Top 8 was revealed we got to know a little more about each competitor and Dragons took on Dark World at the Feature table. We then got a greater sense of what the event was like to play in with our megastat article before swiftly proceeding to the Top 4. We also looked at the Gusto Deck of Martin Sonne, who’s often wearing the red shirt of the Judge Team but this weekend wanted to compete in the event.

It's Dragon Time!

Then came the big one, the ultimate showdown between Chaos Dragons and Dino Rabbit. The new hope versus the tournament favourite. I won’t spoil it here but hit this link to read about how it all unfolded, and congratulations to our newest champion!

We’re nearly done here at YCS Toulouse but there’s some more content ready to go up. We’ll be formally presenting the winners, wrapping up the Public Events, posting the Top 32 Decklists and more. Once again, many thanks to everybody that helped make this event happen; from the Judge and Staff teams to the attending Duelists and finally you at home for taking an interest in the YCS. Thank you for reading!