Day 2 Deck and Duelist breakdowns for YCS Bochum 2013.

24.02.2013 | 18:41 |

It's time for another stat attack! Here's the Deck and Duelist breakdown of those who started Dueling in Day 2 of the YCS.

The Deck selection is naturally quite varied, however the presence of Wind-Ups was rather high so it's no surprise to see that the Deck took up a fair slice of the Top 32 as well. Mermail, Dino Rabbit and Fire Fist make up the rest of the Top 4 Decks while every other Deck only received a handful of Duelists representing them. As always, the lesson to be learned here is that if you build and play your Deck well, you can make Day 2 with pretty much anything you desire, and maybe even Top 32 as well.

The Duelist breakdown is a lot more straightforward. With this being a German event the "home team" naturally takes up a sizable chunk of the Day 2 representation, with the other major countries only picking up about a dozen or so each. Spain is the exception here as only 2 made it into Day 2, but that is often caused by low travel numbers to begin with. The "Other" column has Duelists from all over Europe as you'd expect, as well as a lone American Duelist. Even though YCS Miami was only a week ago there's quite a few people who attended both that and the event here in Bochum.

That's all the stats and data we can provide for now, we hope you all find it useful!