Day 2 Deck & Country Breakdown

08.07.2018 | 11:13 |
Round 2 of Day 2 has just finished. The best 440 Duelists of Saturday were allowed to play on today. Here is the metagame breakdown of the remaining Duelists at the WCQ. We are very surprised on how the numbers developed at Day 2. Deck Breakdown Day 2


Overall numbers declined, but ratios remained almost unchanged. Sky Striker seems to be the engine to go for at this event. The most successful hybrid is the Trickstar version. Gouki is set on 2nd place. Pure Sky Strikers are still on 3rd place, showing a great performance this weekend. The only change was Altergeist overtaking True Draco making it to 4th place. Burning Abyss seems so have a pretty good conversion rate this event. Out of the 34 Decks that entered the Main Event yesterday, 22 made it to Day 2.


Country Breakdown Day 2


Country wise Germany is still on top accounting to almost 1/3 of the overall field. Italy is second with 76 Duelists still in the Main Event. The UK and France are in hot pursuit.