Day 2 Deck & Country Breakdowns

17.07.2016 | 9:50 |

Round 1 of Day 2 has just finished. Here’s a look at the metagame breakdown of the remaining 378 Duelists.

Day 2 Country Breakdown small


Taking the top spot is still Germany with 126 players. Almost 1/4 made it to Day 2. Italy is not far behind placing almost 50% of all contenders in Day 2. The United Kingdom is falling behind with 30 Duelists out of 159 in Day 2.


Day 2 Deck Breakdown small


Phantom Knight Burning Abyss is still on top. Monarch variants are not far behind and Pendulum Decks overtook Kozmo in Day 2. The ratios have changed only slightly, so I guees it’s safe to say that the metagame is very balanced at the moment. Every Deck has a chance to win!