Day 2 Deck & Country Breakdowns

Round 1 of Day 2 has just finished. Here’s a look at the metagame breakdown of the remaining 378 Duelists.

Day 2 Country Breakdown small[abstand]

Taking the top spot is still Germany with 126 players. Almost 1/4 made it to Day 2. Italy is not far behind placing almost 50% of all contenders in Day 2. The United Kingdom is falling behind with 30 Duelists out of 159 in Day 2.

[abstand]Day 2 Deck Breakdown small[abstand]

Phantom Knight Burning Abyss is still on top. Monarch variants are not far behind and Pendulum Decks overtook Kozmo in Day 2. The ratios have changed only slightly, so I guees it’s safe to say that the metagame is very balanced at the moment. Every deck has a chance to win!

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