Day 2 Stat Attack

This has never been done before! We don’t have the total numbers for you, we also have a list with the Deck type of every single player that made the cut for Day 2.

Let’s start with our country breakdown. Which country was able to keep most of their Duelists in competition?
Italy wins the European Championship in this discipline!
Once again, Italy has proven that it is a force to be reckoned with at the highest level of competition! 3 of their finest Duelists advanced to the Top 8 and it wouldn’t be a surprise if they would end up taking down the entire event!
These are the most successful Decks that allowed their respective pilots to advance to Day 2!
The most interesting fact is a comparison between yesterday’s numbers and these. As you can see, nothing really changed in the top spots, but quite a few of the Decks that came next have traded places. Mermail is suddenly the third most played Deck while Lightsworn couldn’t hold its position, falling back to fourth place.

Evilswarm has been able to catch up with Madolche despite the fact that there were 26 more Duelists that started yesterday with the latter. Bujin has lost a lot of steam and today’s numbers are only enough for the 7th place while yesterday, they were still on 4th.

Naturally, our metagame is bound to evolve a little more after the conclusion of today’s event. Let’s finish this article with the list I promised you above:

First Name Last Name Deck
Valerio Agnolini Geargia
Alexandre Dray Mermail
Ruaid Ali Daud Mermail
Luigi Alici Mermail
Kevin Andriamefo Lightsworn
Jonty Armstrong Fire Fist
Piran Asci Infernity
Helio Babo Geargia
Marcello Barberi Mermail
Reuben Baron Watt
Florian Behrend HAT
Francesco Bellantone Geargia
Davide Bellocchio Geargia
Yanis Benkhedda Geargia
Dennis Beqiri Mermail
Jeanlou Bernard HAT
Dominic Böhmer Geargia
Callum Bilbe Spellbook
Brice Bonneau Geargia
Dennis Borgmann Lightsworn
Adam Boström Constellar
Kevin Brandt Geargia
Giacomo Bulfone Mermail
Marcel Burri Lightsworn
Lorenzo Cacaci Bujin
Giuseppe Cacciapuoti Geargia
Martin Candice Lightsworn
Nicolas Cavailles Geargia
Alessandro Cavallo Artifact Hand
Angelo Ceccarelli Evilswarm
Luca Chetoni Herald
Nino Chimento Lightsworn
Glenn Collins Madolche
Ricardo Colombo Evilswarm
Gianfranco Crivellenti Geargia
Alberto Cruciani HAT
Anastasio De Donno Madolche
Michelangelo De Santis HAT
Marom Deutsch Infernity
Nicolas Dezaly Geargia
Luca Di Pietro Paolo HAT
Maximiliano Diaz Evilswarm
Kaloyan Dimov Geargia
Alessandro Donato HAT
Raphael Duriez HAT
Antoine Duval Mermail
Adil El Attaoui ?
Alpay Engin Mermail
Filippo Galletti Geargia
Giorgio Gallo HAT
Abderazak Gasmi HAT
Andreas Gerlach Madolche
Leo Giner HAT
Ryan Goodwin Chain Burn
Emidio Granito Geargia
Konrad Grünewald Dragons
Vid Gruden Bujin
Max Hanuschik Infernity
Klevis Haskurti Sylvan
Dale Hawkes Bujin
Eugen Heidt Mermail
Lukas Horber Geargia
Jack Igo Artifact Hand
Andrea Ippolito Lightsworn
Ivan Kalajdeic HAT
Dogay Kamar Dragons
Oliver König Madolche
Rudolf Kucera Bujin
Lucas Lancelot HAT
Kevin Langenberg Spellbook
Pietro Lio Lightsworn
Oliver Lukenda Bujin
Alain Ly Artifact Hand
Sebastien Ma HAT
Ido Marcus Sylvan
Leonard Max HAT
Niccolo Mazzoleni Spellbook
Omar Messaabi Geargia
Mirko Dolce Dragon
Ioannis Mourelatos HAT
John Mykoniatis Geargia
Paolo Pacchiana Sylvan
Tom Paine Geargia
Giovanni Paolini HAT
Flavio Parigi HAT
Piyal Peiris Evilswarm
Doncho Petkov Madolche
Nicolas Pirasteh Geargia
Tommaso Pomella HAT
Pierre Pradelles Spellbook
Dorian Quell Lightsworn
Marcel Rambo Geargia
Michael Rasmussen Geargia
Sven Rebmann Mermail
Jovhan Roberts Artifact
Marco Rolle Mermail
Lorenzo Roma Lightsworn
Davide Romano Sylvan
Jordan Rowley Evilswarm
Tugay Sagirbay Geargia
Aris Samaras Geargia
Francesco Santacroce ?
Lorenzo Santoni HAT
Massimiliano Santoro Mermail
Pietro Satanassi HAT
Andrea Scaccia Geargia
Merlin Schumacher Lightsworn
Antoini Schwarz Infernity
Kevin Semlali Madolche
Renato Smijulj Geargia
Przemyslaw Strzalka Geargia
Thierry Courrieu HAT
Viktor Trautwein Fire King
Alexander Trivedi Mermail
Johannes Ulbricht Evilswarm
Rozza Valerio Geargia
Floris Van Asch Spellbook
Kim Van Campenhout Sylvan
Ole Wegner Dragons
Norman Wilde Lightsworn
Erik Winkler Geargia
Noah Woodman HAT
Sijing You Madolche
Andrea Zenari Bujin
Danny Ziegler HAT
Abdel-Karim Zizouza Evilswarm
Federico Zoppini Herald
Valerio Zucco HAT


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