Deck Analysis: Andrea Caruso’s explosive Monarchs

Andrea Caruso came all the way from Italy and he ended up on a very respective 6 – 1 record on Saturday. He’s also running Monarchs, however, his Deck differs in a couple of ways from Rudolf Weissinger’s build that we highlighted yesterday. Head inside to find out why!

[quote]Monsters: 26
3 [des frog]
1 [ronin]
3 [dupe]
3 [swap]
2 [treeborn]
1 [tadpole]
3 [caius]
1 [dark dust]
1 [gorz]
3 [fader]
3 [maxx]
2 [veiler]

Spells: 15

3 [cs]
2 [duality]
1 [reborn]
1 [hole]
3 [mst]
1 [storm]
2 [soul]
2 [econ]

Extra Deck: 15

2 [slacker]
2 [ggg]
1 [dnix]
1 [61]
1 [tiras]
1 [12]
1 [w maioh]
1 [exa beetle]
1 [gaia dragon]
1 [fsynch]
1 [scrap dragon]
2 [cfd]

Side Deck: 15

3 [vanity]
3 [mobius]
2 [canceller]
1 [dark dust]
1 [soul]
3 [lance]
2 [cd][/quote]
[b]I had another coverage writer take a look at the Decklist and he couldn’t quite identify the “special ingredient” in your Deck. He thought it was just a regular Frog Monarch Deck. What’s the big difference?[/b]

[quote]It’s something totally unexpected for most opponents. I can start with [swap], send a second copy to the Graveyard, bring it back with [reborn] and that allows me to also send [ronin] to the Graveyard. I then return them both to the hand, [ss] [swap] by discarding the other copy, sending [tadpole] to the Graveyard.
I then bring back [ronin], use it to Tribute Summon [des frog], which then allows me to [ss] a second [des frog]. I can then use both to [xyz] [61], bring back [ronin] for a second time, which then leaves me after some more [xyz]s with the following field:[/quote]

This is often enough to win the game!
This is often enough to win the game!

[quote]This adds up to 6700 points of damage as well as the damage that [61] dealt. If you already have a monster on the field from a previous turn, you won’t even need your Normal Summon to pull the trigger, which means you can also follow the whole series of play up with a Monarch to get rid of the last defense your opponent might be clinging on to!

I don’t depend on [reborn]; I can also start the combo just with [swap] and [des frog] and one additional Water monster. Since I’m also running [dupe], it’s very likely that I’ll put the pieces of the combo together in next to no time.[/quote]
[b]This combo is definitely quite something. Any other reasons why you wanted to show off this Deck this weekend?[/b]

[quote]It’s really good against Mermail Decks. I’m running 3 copies of [maxx] and 3 [fader], so they’ll have a hard time catching me off guard. Therefore, I tend to survive their big turns and I can then come back with [cs] to use some of their big monsters against them.

There’s really not that much the Mermail Deck can do when I hold on to a couple of my key cards. I also don’t need to change a lot of cards between Main and Side Deck against this archetype since my Main Deck is already doing rather well against it.

Firefists are a little more difficult and I need to adapt my strategy a bit. Usually, I try to make them run out of [ff bear] as they can’t deal with [ronin] or [ggg] after that. [econ] and [cs] really help me to fight back in this match up and not lose too much ground.[/quote]

Andrea Caruso wants to go all the way with his explosive Monarchs!
Andrea Caruso wants to go all the way with his explosive Monarchs!

[b]You’re not running any Trap Cards?[/b]

[quote]Yes, I felt it would be better to make sure my opponents would be playing with a few “blanks” against me. [mst] won’t really help them, just like [storm] won’t. Also, I’ll always be able to use my own [treeborn][s] without any problems.[/quote]
[b]You’re not playing any Rank 3 or Rank 4 Xyz Monsters – how come?[/b]

[quote]At first, I attempted to include them in the Extra Deck. During testing, I figured that [dark dust] is much better than any Rank 3 or 4 most of the time, so instead I want to take control of their monsters with [econ] or [cs] to then Tribute them for [dark dust] and wipe their field.[/quote]

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