Deck Analysis: Armend Mustafi’s Cyber Dragons

With the release of the structure Deck Cyber Dragon Revolution has come the return to power of one of the favourite cards of more seasoned Duelists. [cydra] made huge waves when it was first released back in Cybernetic Revolution and now holds a more powerful threat than ever, as shown by Armend Mustafi.

First of all let’s have a look at the Deck list:

[b]Monster Cards: 13[/b]
3 [cydra]
3 [cydracore]
3 [cydradrei]
2 [ccd]
1 [honest]
1 [cyber el]

[b]Spell Cards: 18[/b]
3 [cyber rp]
3 [power bond]
3 [upstart]
3 [mst]
2 [dupli]
2 [lance]
1 [b]One Day of Peace[/b]
1 [limiter]

[b]Trap Cards: 6[/b]
3 [trap stun]
3 [roar]
3 [reckless]

[b]Extra Deck: 15[/b]
3 [cfd]
2 [cyber twin]
2 [cydranova]
1 [cyber end]
1 [armkap]
1 [101]
1 [con ple]
1 [w maioh]
1 [tiras]
1 [61]
1 [gdtc][/quote]

As you can see, Armend has taken full advantage of the Cyber Dragon Revolution Structure Deck and is using the new cards to trounce his opponent’s and continue through the tournament. We have just seen Armend in our Round Four Feature Match where he couldn’t quite overcome his opponent’s Fire Fists.

Armend's Cyber Dragons are currently 3-1!
Armend's Cyber Dragons are currently 3-1!

I wanted to get a description of the best way to approach the Deck from the man himself, so after the Feature Match we sat down with Armend and asked him about the Deck:
How would you describe your Deck to someone that is not familiar with Cyber Dragons?
With the new cards from the Structure Deck they have an ability to get the big monsters such as [cyber twin] and [cyber end] a lot faster and your [cydra] is almost always useful because of all the recycling effects. The most important card really is [cydranova].
What’s so good about Cyber Dragon Nova?
[quote]You can protect it with the first effect if you detach the [cydradrei] and then Summon it again with the second effect, then you can make the Nova unaffected by effects by banishing the Drei. People also forget that when it’s destroyed you can get a [cyber twin] or [cyber end] – especially when they use [sw] on it. [/quote]
What would you say your main win condition is?
[quote][power bond] for sure. I definitely use that card to win nearly every time. I would use it normally with [cydracore] and [cydradrei]. They set themselves up really well to go for the [cyber twin] or if you have a [cydra] you can go for [cyber end]. You have [lance] to protect the monster without making it lose the atk boost which makes it really great.[/quote]
What do you use from your Side Deck?
[quote]Always [dna] because it’s an extra win condition for games two and three. With any of the three Cyber Dragons you can make a huge [cfd] with your opponent’s field which is usually enough to win the game. [/quote]
You said you also like [double shark]?
[quote]I like it a lot. It’s a member of the Shark Clan. I just use it for fun to attack twice and allows me to use [101] in the rare situation that I ever need to.[/quote]
Do you think many people will be playing Cyber Dragons after this event?
[quote]I hope so, especially if I do well with it this weekend. The best part about it at the moment is that people are still getting used to the new cards and have to read them which means they do not always know how to play around them. It’s a great surprise factor because you know their cards and they don’t know yours which gives you a huge advantage.[/quote]

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