Deck Analysis: Dorian Gridine’s aggressive Watts

We’ve seen Watt Decks before, however, none of them can be compared to what Dorian Gridine is playing this weekend. His Deck is missing the “lock” many players fear, but he’s still sitting on an impressive 4 – 1 record. How did he accomplish that? Well, head inside and find out!
[b]18 Monsters:[/b]

3 [cobra]
3 [dragonfly]
1 [giraffe]
1 [fox]
1 [wattberyx]
2 [veiler]
1 [honest]
1 [fasan]
1 [bls]
1 [gorz]
1 [sangan]
1 [gale]
1 [reaper]

[b]13 Spell Cards:[/b]

3 [duality]
3 [mst]
1 [storm]
1 [poa]
1 [reborn]
1 [hole]
1 [recycling]
1 [mop]
1 [bom]

[b]10 Trap Cards:[/b]

2 [tt]
3 [fiendish]
2 [bth]
1 [road]
2 [warning]

[b]Side Deck:[/b]

3 [macro]
3 [gozen]
3 [sim]
2 [cd]
1 [rai oh]
2 [ground]
1 [chain]

I asked Dorian, who is also known to his friends as “Boboche”, about his usual game plan and this is what he had to say:
Mostly, I try to control the game and stop opposing monsters with [fiendish]. I then attack directly with my Watt monsters over and over again. Thanks to [cobra], I can search out [fox] and [beryx] which then allow me to Synchro Summon either [brionac] or [brd] to take total control of the game. A welcome alternative is [wattchimera], which can really give my opponent a headache – it’s a very good card and few players see it coming!
Alright, but what do you do while you’re not having the upper hand?
The Deck also works well on the defensive. Thanks to [dragonfly], you don’t have to always attack, you can defend your Life Points by setting it and then bring out something that really hurts the opponent like [giraffe]. If its attack goes through, all you need is [beryx] to go for [brd], which means you’ll have equalized your opponent’s advantage in no time!
To be perfectly honest with you, I was caught a little off guard at this point. I totally expected Dorian to mention the lock (2 [hopper]) by now. He explained that he’s not running the card at all as he feels the Watt Deck works well in this slightly more aggressive version!
I was curious and wanted to know if this gives him a crucial advantage against opponents that try to play around getting locked, however, he replied that no one really knows what the Deck is doing anyway. So his opponent’s aren’t playing around any of his cards as they are simply not familiar with it! The element of surprise seemed to be working overtime this weekend!

Dorian Gridine's unleashing the full power of the Watts this weekend!
Dorian Gridine's unleashing the full power of the Watts this weekend!

Alright, so the Deck doesn’t run [hopper] and it found a way to win games in a different way. Is there anything that can really hurt it, though?
Basically, only 2 cards can kill my Deck, one of them being [chain]. Fortunately, very few players main deck [chain] and it’s even been removed from most Side Decks by now.[br]
The other card I don’t like to face is [rai oh] as it shuts down [duality] and [cobra], 2 of my most important cards.
Last but not least, I wanted to know if there’s something besides the element of surprise that helps the Deck to do well.
I think the Deck is great because [veiler] and [maxx] can’t do much about it! As many Duelists are relying on them these days, they always have a few dead cards in their Deck when they face me. This can also give me a crucial advantage!
Quite an interesting choice. Make sure to keep Dorian in mind when you’re looking at the standings during the upcoming rounds, you might see him again tomorrow in the round of the final 8!

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