Deck Analysis: Gia Nguyen’s Junk Evol Deck

Gia Nguyen traveled here from Holland to compete in the European Championship with his Evol Deck! But this isn’t your typical Evol Deck. Gia Nguyen combined his Evols with one of Yusei Fudo’s best Tuner Monsters – Junk Synchron – to give his Evol Deck Synchro Summoning capabilities.

Check back after the event to take a look at the Decklist!

Gia Nguyen’s strategy is simple. Like all Evol Decks, he wants to Summon Evolzar Laggia and Evolzar Dolkka early on to take control of the Duel. But unlike most Evol Decks, Nguyen is also using Junk Synchron to enable Synchro Summons and lead big plays.

Junk Synchron can Special Summon any Level 2 or lower monster from the Graveyard when it’s Summoned, including Evoltile Odonto. Most importantly, it can Special Summon Evoltile Najasho. Not only does that set up a quick Level 5 Synchro Summon, it also enables other cool plays that require Najasho to be on the field. For example, after Nguyen revives Najasho with Junk Synchron, he can use Enemy Controller or Evo-Force to Tribute Najasho. Whenever Najasho is Tributed, its effect will activate to Special Summon an Evolsaur. This creates an easy way for Nguyen to Special Summon monsters like Evolsaur Cerato and Evolsaur Vulcano from his Deck, and to use their effects.

Although many Evol Duelists don’t use Odonto in their Decks, Nguyen spoke highly of it. When Odonto Special Summons an Evolsaur from Nguyen’s hand, that Evolsaur’s effect will activate. He told me:

[quote] Vulcano seems like a useless card in the hand. But with Odonto, it isn’t. [/quote]

Nguyen uses Odonto as more than just a card to Special Summon with Junk Synchron – he also uses it to activate the effects of his most important monsters. After Special Summoning Vulcano with Odonto, Nguyen can use Vulcano’s effect to Special Summon another Level 4 Evolsaur from his Graveyard and Xyz Summon Evolzar Laggia or Evolzar Dolkka. With 3 copies of Evo-Diversity in his Deck, Nguyen can search for Odonto whenever he needs it.

After talking to Nguyen about how his Deck works, I asked him if there was anything else he wanted to say about it. He replied,

[quote] It’s really fun to play. Besides that, it competes with best Decks. The only problem is it can’t topdeck. Topdeck power is very low. But the consistency is very good and it makes a lot of Xyz Monsters. [/quote]

Although Nguyen’s Deck doesn’t contain any power-cards that can turn a Duel around and save him no matter what the situation, it consistently keeps a solid field and maintains control of the Duel. Because of that, he doesn’t need a specific power-card.

Nguyen’s Junk Evol Deck will surprise a lot of Duelists this weekend. That may give him the edge he needs to make it to Day 2. But most importantly, Nguyen enjoys using his Junk Evol Deck, and now that he’s here using it, he’s guaranteed to have a good time!

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